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Reporting and Miscellaneous

  • BS PAYONE Service Portal
    Free 24/7 access to your account statements and transaction lists

    Administration platform for your e-commerce shop using our e-payment software tool

  • allpos/allpos.light
    Administration platform for your e-commerce shop and mail order business using our e-payment software tool

  • Currency Converter
    Daily reference exchange rates for credit card transactions in foreign currencies

Important information

    Information about regulation for card payments, self-assessment and access to a certification portal

  • EU Interchange Regulation
    Information regarding the new regulation of interchange fees (debit and credit cards)

  • SEPA
    Information regarding the Single Euro Payment Area

BS PAYONE Service Portal

Settlement Data available 24/7

Electronic documents instead of piles of paper – The BS PAYONE service portal provides a quick and convenient means of calling up transaction statements and invoices online. The data is also available in the form of electronic documents for complete documentation.

With the platform you have online access to important documents. This relieves the merchant of sorting and managing paper based documents and simplifies electronic archiving. Not only current, but also the transaction data from the past 12 months are available to you on the BS PAYONE Service Portal. You would like to save money as well? Even here it helps you. When registering in the portal, the cost for print and shipping of transaction reports by mail are dropped.

  • Anytime access to transaction list and invoices
  • Access to your data of the past 12 months
  • Availability 24/7
  • Multilingual [ de, en, fr, it, nl ]
  • Free of charge

BS PAYONE Service Portal