Pay smart!

The best solutions for the best payments – in every market

Fixed payment points

Optimum devices for needs-based use

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Payment services

More earnings thanks to practical additional services regarding payments

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Online payments

Successful sales via the right payment

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Intelligent reporting

Optimised business and efficient processing thanks to the best payment data

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Individual consulting

More profit thanks to the all-round consultation regarding the sale

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Mobile payment

Flexible payments directly from customers and guests

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Accept cards

Additional earnings by accepting all common cashless payment systems

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Accept Cards

Maximum payment options for customers – maximum purchase stimulation

Accept Cards
Acceptance of all worldwide major credit cards
Billing of all major commercial cards and fleet cards
Processing of all widely used debit payment processes
All common e-payment solutions: credit cards, wallets, national debit processes
Support of NFC payments
Acquiring for 32 European countries

Fixed payment points

Reliable devices for POS and self service machine sales

Stationary payment
Reliability thanks to intensively tested brand-name devices and quality-approved software
Intuitive use with minimal training costs
Usable in every application area: POS, stand-alone, ATMs
Billing of all major credit cards
Long investment cycle thanks to sophisticated, innovative technology
Highly compatible for simple connection to internal systems

Mobile Payment

Mobile billing of products and services

Stationary payment
Billing of all major credit cards
Intuitive use for all lighting scenarios
Flexible payments in an internal wireless network or mobile network
Lowest starting costs in payment solutions for smartphones
Robust, light devices with long service lives
Portable card terminals for stand-alone use or connection to POS

Payment services

More earnings thanks to practical additional services regarding payments

Stationary payment
Incentives to buy for customers and reduction in costs with tax-free shopping
Reduced costs thanks to hardware reduction
Precise tools for fraud prevention and payment taxation
Low booking costs thanks to bundled forwarding
Additional earnings thanks to provisions for currency conversion
Easy payment checking in billing via intelligent online reporting

Online Payments

Sell more successfully in e-business

Online Payment
Comprehensive payment range for a increased transaction probability
Quick and free setup thanks to plug & play connection
Saving with a volume orientated price model for e-payment solutions
Sophisticated technology for high-availability use
Volume-dependent conditions to choose from
Accurate tools for fraud prevention and payment taxation

Intelligent reporting

More efficiency thanks to high-quality data

Intelligent reporting
Reporting is adjustable down to branch level
Minimal effort in invoice production and quick account reconciliation
Uniform supply in standard formats across Europe
Detailed analysis of payment streams and seamless processing in accountancy
Business optimisation via customer analysis and purchase behaviour observation
Individual evaluations and statistics

Individual consulting

More profit thanks to competent consulting

Individual consulting
Custom-fit payment solution according to individual analysis of requirements
Best integration and positioning of payment infrastructure
Optimisation of POS cycle times and abandoned purchase rate
Long-term consulting via personal key account manager
Minimised losses thanks to experienced risk and fraud consulting
POS consulting with analysis of the complete payment processes and added value in the shop

"Our motto: the customer must have the opportunity at all times to select a different partner. However, we hold on to them by offering the best service and the best solution in the payment sector."

Andreas Stendera, Head of International Sales

Added returns

Rapid check-out, high customer retention, seamless handling: thanks to the optimum interface to the buying groups, our customers benefit from fewer abandoned purchases. At the same time they receive more time for consultation – this creates satisfaction and reduces the risk of returns. Furthermore, affordable, secure payment processes safeguard returns. Further optimisation of your own business is also possible via individual reports of the payment streams.

Added security

Maximum data security, 100% PCI compliance and fail-safe processes: payments via B+S are in the safest of hands. We constantly subject ourselves to strict checks by independent experts and use data centres operated in parallel. The result is 100% availability in the last four years. Sophisticated monitoring prevents fraud attempts in real-time. This approach reaches all the way to the POS, where only quality devices with intensively tested software are used.

Added efficiency

More than 25 years of experience, top acquirer in Europe, complete provider: with its uniform, pan-European infrastructure and data formats, B+S enables noticeable effects in every part of the value added chain in sales. Custom-designed for sector-specific requirements, the harmonised payment solutions can be integrated easily into your own systems. This saves costs and ensures seamless processes – from the purchase to payment and further processing in accounting.


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