B+S DCC | Maximize revenue and improve customer Service

The currency conversion feature B+S DCC lets your foreign customers pay in their own currency. Merchants benefit from extra revenue and higher levels of customer satisfaction.

Many travelers use their stay in Europe to shop. In order to maximize their shopping experience and to increase your revenue, it is essential to enable customers to pay in their own currency.

Here’s how it works

When customers pay with their MasterCard or Visa card, DCC (Dynamic Currency Converter) enables the terminal to automatically identify the payment card’s country of origin. The terminal then displays the sales amount in GBP, and subsequently shows it in the card holder’s domestic currency. For additional price transparency, the currency conversion rate can be viewed, enabling the customers to see all of the pertinent information at one glance within just seconds.

Merchants will not incur any additional costs for offering this service and will receive their revenue in EUR, plus a percentage of the DCC-commission charged to the customer.  No matter what line of business you are in - retail, hotel or restaurant - offering DCC will take your customer service to the next level and provide true value to your international clientele.

B+S DCC is available for

  • MasterCard
  • Visa

Wireless payment | Use VX680 Wi-Fi as a portable till

Provide excellent service – regardless of the mobile phone reception! Using the VX680 Wi-Fi terminal, payments can be made anywhere inside or outside your business, at minimum cost.

With its pin-sharp colour display that is easy to read, even in bright conditions, this rapid transaction terminal is already extremely popular for portable payments: over 10,000 of our customers already appreciate the reliable GPRS version of the VX680.

Ideal for beer gardens and cafés

The new Wi-Fi-enabled version of the VX680 is now available to order at an extremely attractive price. The compact terminal is ideal for cafés, restaurants and any retailers for whom the attractive wireless design of their till area is important.

The premium mobile terminal

  • Large touch screen color display makes it easy to use
  • no separate mobile service contract required
  • Very long battery life allowing up to 350 transactions before recharging
  • Fast printer with larger paper tray and easy paper roll replacement
  • Outdoor use at temperatures between -10°C and +50°C

B+S Payment Europe | Approved as a payment service provider

B+S Payment Europe has received approval as a payment service provider from the National Bank of Belgium.

Last week, NBB (Nationale Bank van België/Banque nationale de Belgique) granted official approval as a payment institution to the payment service provider B+S Payment Europe, founded in 2014.


Dr Götz Möller, one of the two Managing Directors: ‘B+S goes Europe! Thanks to the approval from the National Bank of Belgium, nothing now stands in the way of the expansion of our international business. We’re delighted to assist our customers in the countries of their choice and provide professional local support.’


B+S Payment Europe offers retailers wanting to expand their international business everything they need in terms of secure payment processes and card acceptance. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of BS PAYONE GmbH. Dr Götz Möller and Jean-Marc Van Winghe are the managing directors. The company is headquartered in Braine l’Alleud near Brussels.

B+S Tax Free | the simple way to more revenue

B+S Tax Free facilitates a simple and fast way of reclaiming the value-added tax (VAT) for non-EU residents. Thus, customers get a saving, while merchants benefit from increased revenue due customer inclination to spend more.

The additional feature is a real advantage as far as customer service is concerned. The terminal automatically identifies whether non-EU resident customers are entitled to VAT-free shopping. After paying, the customer receives a tax free form entitling him to a VAT refund when leaving the EU. At the same time, the merchant is spared of the costly task of handling TaxFree cheques.


  • Increased revenue stream due to customer savings
  • Faster checkout at POS
  • Increased merchant savings in the clearing and settlement process
  • Higher security in regard to fraud due to use of a cheque code

PCI DSS | Certification made easy

PCI DSS compliance (compliance with all PCI DSS requirements) must be verified via certification by credit card acceptance points. Our service: We bear the cost of annual self-assessment on a certification portal for B+S customers.

Confidence in a maximum level of security is the most important consideration for any consumer paying by credit card. As a company offering credit card payments to its customers, retailers are responsible for ensuring that credit card data is handled securely and responsibly. This is where B+S supports you.

Benefits for retailers and buyers

  • Protect cards and customer data against theft
  • Optimise protection against attacks on your own website
  • Protect the reputation of your company
  • Fight online identity manipulation

How does B+S help with providing evidence of PCI DSS compliance?

An annual self-assessment is required in addition to the twelve PCI rules to be observed by all retailers who accept credit cards. To help you complete this self-assessment conveniently, B+S has set up an online portal and a specially trained Competence Centre, which provides a support service for you as our customer. Our customers can also book any required vulnerability assessments and security audits at special rates to be performed by an auditor approved by the PCI Security Standards Council on site.

More information

CUP | The time is now for Asian payment acceptance

Business visitors from China, tourists from Asia, and Asian residents have one thing in common – they prefer paying with their China UnionPay card.

As the world becomes increasingly connected via the internet and global travel becomes ever more accessible for people, we are increasingly living in an international community and conducting business in a global market place. With this, the volume of payment transactions being conducted on a global scale is equally rising.

To conduct business efficiently and with increased profitability in multi-national markets, there is a greater need than ever before for businesses to accept a wide range of international payments methods. Card payments, both credit and debit, transcend across borders making them a more flexible method of payment than cash which travellers have to exchange – a time consuming and often inconvenient task.

Merchants needs to prepared for an increase in international customers

With a record 1billion people travelling across international borders in 2012, most of whom will have a credit or debit card, merchants increasingly need to facilitate the acceptance of a broader range of cards to provide tourists and travellers with the flexible and local options of payments that they demand. To deliver this, merchants require an acquiring network capable of operating on an international scale to increase profits and deliver greater customer satisfaction.