EU Interchange Fees Regulation II

Information regarding the regulation

Starting 9 June 2016, in a second stage, B+S is required to implement the additional European Union requirements from the interchange fee regulation. In addition, new Scheme charges must be added to or adjusted in our schedule of prices and services.


The goal of the new EU interchange fee regulation is to increase the transparency of card statements. Thus, as of June 2016, the transaction statements provided by B+S will not only include the interchange fee, but also the B+S merchant fee per transaction.

Furthermore, as of June 2016, B+S will provide another billing model. This means that the interchange fee, the card organisation fees and the B+S merchant fee per card brand (e.g. MasterCard and Visa) and per card product (consumer credit card, debit card or corporate client credit card) will be billed separately. Please note that after this change, the effort for your accounting reconciliation will increase significantly.

Application selection

In future, the cardholders should have the opportunity to change the order of payment methods set by retailers in the card terminal. To this end, the Bundesverband der electronic cash Netzbetreiber (German federation of electronic cash network operators) has worked with the terminal manufacturers to create an implementation concept. The goal is a uniform implementation at all tills. The terminal manufacturers have already started to implement the application selection.

Updated schedule of prices and services

As new fees will be introduced by of 1 July, 2016 we had to adjust our schedule of prices and services as of 1 July, 2016. Furthermore, new regulatory requirements also have made it necessary to adjust the general terms and conditions (GTC) as of 1 July, 2016. The general terms and conditions as well as the schedule of prices and services can now be found at

Our approach

  • With the payment run for the month of June 2016, B+S has itemised the fee component B+S retailer fee on the transaction statement separately for each transaction, thus providing transparency with regard to the amount of the retailer fee per transaction.
  • The new transaction statements with the itemised B+S retailer fee will continue to be provided in the selected reporting period. As before, the payment run will continue to be sent at the agreed intervals.

Our recommendation

  • You can access the transaction statements with the itemised interchange fees free of charge on the B+S Service Portal. Customers who are not yet registered can use this service after completing the simple registration process found on
  • Please provide your online customers with a wallet with MasterPass so they do not incur the non 3D-Secure fee.
  • If you are involved in e-commerce, you should offer MasterCard SecureCode or Verified by Visa as authentication method to reduce the number of possible cases of fraud and to avoid a non 3D-Secure fee.
  • Increase your payment security and avoid chargeback fees by dispensing with the manual input of credit card numbers at the terminal.
  • Use only EmV-compatible terminals for the acceptance of debit
  • and credit cards in order to avoid the non-EmV fee.
  • Please write to us in the event you are interested in these procedures.