EU Interchange Fees Regulation

Information regarding the new regulation

From 9 December 2015, B+S will implement the new European Union regulation regarding the interchange fees charged for card payments. In light of the directive, MasterCard and Visa have amended their payment procedures pursuant to which B+S will settle future transactions.


Four parties are usually involved in a card payment transaction. When processing the payment, these parties are subject to a complex set of rules governing security requirements and technical and commercial management processes that determine how the payment amounts are authorised, transferred and settled.

One price component is the so-called interchange fee that the Acquirer (B+S) deducts from the sale (discount) as part of the service charge and is forwarded to the card customer's bank via the card payment system. In future, this interchange fee must be individually specified to ensure transparency. As well as the requirement for more detailed information, the EU has also capped interchange fees. In the case of the electronic cash process via girocard, this will result in a reduction in authorisation fees which is currently being negotiated among the parties involved and will be communicated shortly.

Amendments by card organisations

In light of the EU changes, MasterCard and Visa have amended their settlement procedures and introduced new charges. In certain cases, therefore, fees will be charged with the aim of improving the level of security in the long-term. In this respect, please refer to the updated Prices and Service Schedule, valid from 1 December 2015, which lists the individual charges.

The amendments at a glance

  • Visa Card Not Present (CNP) Unsecure Chargeback-Fee
    Fee for inter-European chargebacks due to card misuse as a result of manually entering the card details at the POS or online in the case of acceptance without Verified by Visa
  • MasterCard Dispute Administration Fee
    MasterCard handling fee for chargebacks
  • MasterCard Non-EMV Fee
    MasterCard charge for authorisation requests to non-EMV chip-enabled card readers
  • MasterCard Acquirer Authorisation Fee
    MasterCard fee as a percentage of the sale value on authorised transactions (excluding pre-authorisations and declined authorisation requests)

Our actions

  • From 9 December 2015, B+S will individually specify the "interchange fee" component of every transaction on the transaction statement, thereby transparently reflecting the level of the interchange fee per transaction.
  • The new transaction statements showing the interchange fee will continue to be provided within the selected preparation period. As before, the statement will be dispatched according to the contractually agreed schedule.
  • These changes have necessitated an amendment to our Terms and Conditions, effective 1 December 2015. The card organisations' updated service charges have been summarised in the Prices and Service Schedule. All the documents are available here
  • The card organisations will implement the EU Directive effective 09/12/2015 by introducing new regulations for interchange rates, e.g. 0.20% will apply to "consumer debit cards" and 0.30% to the various consumer credit cards; between 0.68% and 2.05% will continue to apply in the case of corporate credit cards. New regulations will also apply to the fees for the electronic cash process and will be implemented within the specified timeframe.


  • You will be able to access the transaction statements showing the interchange fees free of charge via the B+S Service Portal. Customers who have not yet registered can also make use of this service by simply registering at
  • As an e-commerce retailer, you can reduce chargebacks and the costs associated with these, and increase your security by using 3D-Secure processes.
  • Increase your payment security and reduce chargeback fees by avoiding the manual entry of credit card numbers at the terminal.
  • Use only EMV-enabled terminals to accept debit and credit cards. Please inform us in writing if you require a change to our contractual relationship in light of the new regulations mentioned above.
  • Please familiarise yourself with the new girocard fees that we expect to announce in writing upon completion of the negotiations at the end of October.